The Caribbean Islands

Between the years of 2004 and 2013 my wife Jackie and I travelled to the Caribbean on four separate occasions.
I had always wanted to visit that particular part of the world and Jackie always enjoyed the exploration of new places, particularly when the sun was guaranteed to shine.

Barbados 2004

SILVER ROCK: In late August 2004, my wife Jackie discovered a very late booking availability for two weeks holiday on this island. It was an escape in the true sense of the word to a tropical island and the first of our visits to the Caribbean.

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Cuba 2005

CAYO COCO: In 2005 My wife and I spent two weeks in Cuba. Most of our time was spent on the neighbouring island of Cayo Coco, an island group on Cuba's Atlantic eastern side. This was a relaxing holiday for both of us, celebrating our silver wedding anniversary. We did several tours from our remote island hotel and enjoyed every bit of it. This was also my first time to travel using a digital camera as my prime camera, but still having film as a standby.

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Dominican Republic 2011

PUNTA CANA: By the year 2011, Jackie and I had travelled to many parts of the world since our first Caribbean adventure in 2004 and those journeys will form part of our travel book series at a later date. Returning to the Caribbean in 2011 would offer us the respite needed from those amazing adventures of the past. We would return to the comfort of an all inclusive holiday in the Dominican Republic, the first of two relaxing vacations.

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Dominican Republic 2013

LA ROMANA: This was our second visit to the Dominican Republic for a relaxing vacation, having been to Punta Cana in 2011. Whilst there, we had travelled down to Bayahibe (La Roman) to take our memorable tour of Saona island.
This time we took the reverse trip and travelled up to Punta Cana for our Marinarium tour. Travelling to the same location twice has always been a no no in our book, but despite this we went and enjoyed the Caribbean side of the island even more.

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